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Fari Transformation

Whole Life Coaching

You will benefit from the expertise of Fari's Guidance - thirty years of intuitive spirit, mind and body practices. Personal Training in all aspects of the Human Experience - Life Guidance Mentor Coaching, Yoga Instructor, Sunset Walker, Morning Meditator, Water Goddess, Lover of Life and tranquillity - with continued studies in the arts of the fulfillment of personal destiny.


"Comfort Zone Push"

"Almost 20 years ago I met Fari while in search of a Pilates/yoga coach.  Who knew she would coach my body, mind and spirit through a divorce and a Cancer journey and ultimately become a lifelong friend.


Fari calls it like she sees it.  If you are ready to be pushed outside of your comfort zone Fari is your coach."

Debbi Singer


"Unique Combination of Insights and Skill"

"About 5 years ago, I met Fari and began to workout with her twice a week.  While it is always a challenging workout, we rarely do the same exercises in exactly the same way.  Fari has the natural ability to sense what is going on in both my body and my mind simultaneously, and instinctively knows the way to reach both.  Over the last 50 years, I have trained and studied with many teachers and coaches, but Fari is special. She brings a unique combination of insights and skills to every session. I highly recommend her."

Edward Robin  

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