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This comprehensive program aims to guide individuals on a path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, ultimately leading to a happier and more fulfilling life.

drop the burden and find the new you!

Don't let the burdens of the past hold you back any longer - embark on this transformative journey and unleash the incredible potential within you!

With proven techniques and guidance, you'll unlock a world of confidence, self-respect, and love, paving the way for a life filled with joy and contentment.

This soul-searching work empowers individuals to let go of the weight from past experiences and embrace self-love, resulting in strengthened relationships and a newfound sense of fulfillment.


Introducing "Drop the Burden and Find the New You!" - the ultimate solution to transform your life and discover true happiness.

How Can This Help Me?

Here are 10 benefits someone might gain from participating in your 90-day long group coaching program, "Drop the Burden and Find the New You!"


Release Past Burdens: Participants will learn how to let go of the burdens of their past, freeing themselves from emotional baggage that has held them back.



Through soul-searching exercises, individuals will embark on a journey of self-discovery, gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their inner strengths.


Increased Confidence:

The program will help boost self-confidence, allowing participants to approach life with a newfound sense of self-assuredness.


Enhanced Self-Respect: Attendees will learn to respect and value themselves, leading to healthier self-esteem and self-worth.


Love and Self-Appreciation:

Participants will discover the importance of self-love and self-appreciation, which are essential for building a fulfilling life.


Strengthened Relationships:

s individuals learn to love and respect themselves, they will be better equipped to nurture healthy, fulfilling relationships with others.


Inner Joy:

The program will guide participants towards a life filled with inner joy and contentment, as they release their past burdens.


Personal Fulfillment:

Attendees will experience a newfound sense of fulfillment as they align their actions and decisions with their true selves.


Proven Techniques: 

With proven techniques and guidance, individuals will gain practical tools to apply in their daily lives, ensuring long-lasting transformation.


Unleash Potential: 

Most importantly, the program will help individuals unleash their incredible potential, unlocking a world of opportunities and personal growth.

What clients are saying...

Shalom M.

Dr. Jill

Peg S.

Just had an amazing Coaching session with this phenomenal woman today. She helped me remember myself and that we can’t skip the little steps on the ladder.
One must be willing to go through the fire before we can save anyone else. Jim Rohn used to say everyone could use coaching.
Hearing your story on what you had to overcome in life in order to be where you are now in life. It really made me reflect on myself and notice the steps I’ve tried to skip along the way.
You spoke to my heart and soul today, and pierced through… You made me smile and laugh as we talked today.
So I want to thank you, Fari for taking time out of your mourning on redirecting me and being Heaven sent.

Fari and I began working together in 2007. At first, she was my trainer but as the years went on, she began to work with me spiritually as well as physically.

Fari saw me through 2 rounds of Cancer and a stroke. She continued to be my greatest resource for hope and never gave up on my ability to mentally and physically become stronger over time. It is hard to believe that 14 years have passed.

I am so grateful that Fari is still part of my life, consistently striving to help me be my best always providing knowledge on ways that I can improve myself.

Fari is an amazing human being - so filled with love and information to assist anyone on their journey as a coach. I highly recommend her. 

I've been a client of Fari's for a little over a year now.

Fari has helped me tremendously cope with my divorce, some problems with other family members that left me very sick, and I ended up in the hospital with a heart condition.

She has helped me reestablish who I am as an individual and has coached me back to wellness.

She has taught me valuable lessons about my own personal strength and helped me discover a lot of those.

So, thank you for everything that you've done for me in the last year. I couldn't have done it without you.

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Transformation Group Coaching - Beta Launch

Join this BETA LAUNCH, where you will be getting a huge discount from the standard price of $3,000, down to just $600 for this 90-Day program!

Meet 3 times a month for 3 months.

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